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Pepe does it again!

Once more, Pepe showed his worst side against FC Barcelona last night in the first leg of the Spanish Cup quartergfinals, won 1-2 by the Blaugrana. Pepe steps on Messi's hand   He was booked in the first half for a hard tackle on Sergio Busquets, and worsened his already ‘tough-guy’ reputation in the second half. First, by faking an injury after battling for the ball with Cesc Fabregas (replays show that the Barça midfielder just about touched him). He then stepped on Leo Messi‘s hand while the Argentine forward was on the ground after a tackle from Callejon.  

Does he deserve to be suspended? Cast your vote here !


Watch the video of Pepe’s poor display of football below:

This is, unfortunately, not the first time that Pepe has lost his head on a football pitch, and sanctions against the Real Madrid defender/midfielder will be taken very seriously. Wayne Rooney commented on his twitter account : “Pepe, what an idiot” (Follow Wayne Rooney: @WayneRooney)  

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