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Camp Nou seating categories

Demand for tickets for an FC Barcelona match is always incredibly high. Season ticket holders have seats spread all around the stadium, meaning that it is almost impossible to get seats together directly from the official website. At, we guarantee the seats together from our own allocation.


Not only are your tickets guaranteed together, we also offer the official categories at Camp Nou (as designated by the club), including the VIP categories and hospitality. We have football tickets for every home matches in the Spanish League, Champions League and Spanish Cup


While other companies might offer you the simplified ticket category breakdown (Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3), we feel that this limits your seating options as they group several sections into one, resulting in a higher price and a compromise on seating quality.


Each football ticket gives access to a numbered seat.



Below, we refer to shortside as behind the goal and longside as by the sideline. There are 4 different levels at the Camp Nou. 1 is the closest to the pitch and 4 is the highest. The official categories are displayed from the less expensive to the most expensive, with, in brackets, the Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 breakdown. (Note: Category prices vary from match to match)



Shortside and Longside, level 4


The general category gives you access to the very top of the stands, on side of the pitch and behind both goals. From there, you'll be enjoying a great view of both the match and the fantastic Camp Nou stadium.


Seats in the General category are uncovered

camp nou category - general

Gol 3

Shortside, level 3


The Gol 3 category is located on the level 3 behind each goals of. Ideal for groups and families with a budget for a great and affordable football experience at the Camp Nou.


Seats in the Gol 3 category are uncovered

camp nou category - gol 3

Gol 1-2

Shortside,levels 1 and 2


The Gol 1-2 category is located on the levels 1 and 2 behind each goal of the Camp Nou. A good mix of FC Barcelona fans, families and tourists.


Gol 1-2 category is partially covered:

  • Level 1: Covered from row 13 to 34
  • Level 2: Covered from row 30 to 38
camp nou category - gol 1 2

Category: Gol baix

Shortside, level 0


The Gol baix category offers the seats the closest to the pitch: Located on the first 15 rows, right behind each goal of. Mix with the true FC Barcelona fans. Ideal for groups and families alike.


Seats in the Gol baix category are uncovered

camp nou category - gol baix

Category: General lateral

Longside, level 4


The General lateral seats are located on the 4th level of the lateral stand, bringing you closer to the sideline. The view is just very good.


The general lateral category is uncovered:

camp nou category - lateral 1 2

Category: Lateral

Longside, levels 1, 2 and 3


The lateral category is located on the first 3 levels the lateral stands. The view of the pitch from the lateral category is absolutely perfect and will allow you to really enjoy the match and this will give you the opportunity to get some great photos !


Seats in the Lateral category are uncovered

camp nou category - lateral 3

Category: Premium

Longside, center, levels 1 and 2


The Premium category offers some of the best views of the stadium. The seats are Located on the 1st 2 levels of both the lateral and presidential stand, by the center of the pitch, this category brings you closer to the benches' sideline. these are definitely some of the best seats at the Camp Nou


Seats in the Tribuna 1-2 category are covered

camp nou category - tribuna 1 2

VIP categories and VIP hospitality

We offer the highest quality VIP seats at the Camp Nou, including catering and hospitality, to see the best club in the world, FC Barcelona:

  • VIP Silver and VIP Silver Lateral
  • VIP Players Zone
  • VIP private box
camp nou category - VIP Categories

Advice for people with mobility problems

disabled seating FC Barcelona camp nou

The Camp Nou has very limited space in the area dedicated to people with mobility problems. Please follow this link for more information.


The area is located on the level 1 behind row 34 (which is the last row) in the Gol 1-2 category. It is easily accessible through ramps. The best way to enter the stadium is through access 14, then door 63. (Where you should then be escorted to the area).


It was awesome, and I hope that we will again see our beloved club in live match. Tickets were excellent and the view of the terrain was very good.

Hrvoje Biondic - 2011/03/19

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