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It has been a long and eventful season for all the players and staff at the Camp Nou. An injury-plagued FC Barcelona line-up (Puyol, Messi, Adriano, Abidal and Pedro to name a few), head coach Vilanova heading to New York city to treat cancer, Leo Messi’s scoring streak, the painful elimination in the Champions League against Bayern Munich, and finally, the Liga title, fans didn’t get any minute to sit and enjoy restlessly like they have been used to in the past 4 years.

This summer should be as eventful as the football season, with many well needed moves on the cards. At, we have compiled what may be the next signings and departures for the defense of the Liga title, and reconquest of the Champions League trophy.


Alexis Sanchez : The Chilean forward seems to have failed in his integration in the Blaugrana Tiki-Taka style of play. Brilliant with Udinese in the Calcio 2 seasons ago, his 2 seasons have been very irregular with the FC Barcelona line-up, and a move out of the Catalan Capital seems very likely.

Alexis Sanchez out of the FC Barcleona line-up

Alexis Sanchez never fully convinced as a Blaugrana

Cesc Fabregas : €35M was the price to bring Cesc back home from Arsenal in the Summer of 2011 to prepare for ageing Xavi Hernandez’s retirement. A promissing start with brilliant goals and assits in 2011/12, and then not much at all. The Camp Nou crowd could not have made it clearer when booing the former Gunner everytime he touched the ball in the past few home games. A move oput of the FC Barcelona line-up and back to Emirates stadium should please both sides.

Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas to head back to the Emirates stadium?

David Villa : Although we would love El Guaje to remain in the FC Barcelona line-up, even as a 5 star backup, it is very unlikely that head coach Tito Vilanova will be counting on the Spanish striker for another season. After a brilliant first year with the team (Liga and Champions League in 2010/11), Villa suffered a terrible injury in the Clubs’ World Cup in December 2011 against Al Saad Doha, and struggled to reach his pre-injury level ever since.

David Villa

David Villa on his way out of the Camp Nou?

Victor Valdés : This is a secret for no one. Victor Valdés, the 3 times Champions League and 6 times La Liga winner wants out of Barcelona. He may well be heading to the English Premier League, although early rumours had him play in the Mexicam League next season

Victor Valdés - FC Barcelona

Victor Valdés heading to the Premier League?


Neymar :
This could well be the summer saga Sports newspaper will relentlessly write about. Whilst Real Madrid will probably offer a blank cheque to Santos FC, Neymar has never hidden his love for FC Barcelona, and reciprocally, the Catalan squad would more than welcome the Brazilian soon to be superstar. This would create an incredible one-two punch attacking unit with Leo Messi, which was cruelly lacking this season. Talks between Santos FC and FC Barcelona have already been made public, although Neymar could choose to wait one more season and the World Cup 2014 in Brazil before making the move to the Camp Nou.


Neymar with Messi for a one two punch attack at the Camp Nou ?

Wayne Rooney : Rumours have started to surface after the Manchester United striker edited his twitter account: Rooney no longer had the words Manchester United on his Twitter page, and instead referred to himself as an “athlete”, it was interpreted as a sign the 27-year-old sees his future away from Old Trafford. The retirement of Sir Alex Fergusson, replaced by David Moyes, Rooney’s former coach in his early days at Everton are pushing for a move of the English striker. The Camp Nou would be a good fit as a 9 with a killer instinct is definitely needed in the FC Barcelona line-up.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Ronney would fit in as a 9 in the FC Barcelona line-up

Hummels : Once the trademark of the glory days of FC Barcelona, along with the tiki-taka style of play, the defense has suffered severe blows this season. The multiple injuries and the age of their emblematic captain Carles Puyol are forcing the recruitment staff to urgently sign a center back. Although Thiago Silva, from PSG, is on the cards for Tito Vilanova, Borussia Dortmund Hummels’s transfer fee makes him the perfect fit to complement Pique in the defensive line-up.


Hummels is the perfect replacement for injury plagued Carles Puyol

De Gea : With Valdés out, FC Barcelona will need a world class goal keeper to remain at the top. Talks with Pepe Reina from Liverpool, and Borussia MönchenGladbach Ter Stegen have been highlighted by Spanish newspapers, but the best fit, in our opinion, would be De gea. The former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper, currently playing for Manchester United, would come along with Wayne Rooney.

De Gea

De Gea is our preferred option as a replacement for Victor Valdés

FC Barcelona line-up for the 2013/14 season

Here is the squad we would like to see as the FC Barcelona line-up for the 2013/14 season.

fc barcelona line-up 2013 2014

FC Barcelona line-up for the 2013/14 season?

9 comments on “FC Barcelona line-up for 2013-2014 season?
  1. Harris S. Kpai says:

    I am very pleased with this line-up for Barcelona come next season. Very good squad indeed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great team

  3. FC Barcelona Tickets says:

    If they can trade Rooney for Thiago !!!!

  4. Abdul Yusufu says:

    If they get those players especially HUMMELS and DE GEA. It’ll be a good squard

    • FC Barcelona Tickets says:

      Barça desperately needs a Center back, and hummels is much cheaper than Thiago Silva !

      • Abdul Yusufu says:

        why barca wants to give man utd DAVID VILLA, THIAGO ALCANTARA and 4mil. pounds for WYNE ROONEY

        • FC Barcelona Tickets says:

          I don’t think so. David Villa has been sold to Atletico Madrid, and Thiago Alcantara will probably be playing for Bayern Munich with Pep Guardiola.